How to Extend the Life of Your Air Tool

Posted by Tineke Ramayanam on

Pneumatic tools pack a punch, making them a popular tool choice in the mining, machining, auto, and construction industry. Compared to electric tools, air tools last longer and are notably stronger. 

The amount of punch pneumatic tools offer can be adjusted up or down by allowing the air compressor to deliver more or less power. When paired with a capable air compressor, pneumatic tools can deliver tremendous amounts of torque and/ or impact force consistently for an incredible duration of time.

Do you take care of your tool? 

Rule number 1: operate your tool at the proper PSI. One way to tear up your tool is by not setting your PSI to an optimum level. Too much pressure will wear out your parts. For optimum performance, operate tool at 90 PSI (6 bar) working pressure. 

KATCO Air Tools provide more power and more speed than cordless tools. The air-powered tool is significantly faster and has more blows per minute than electric ones. Air tools have a greater power to weight ratio than either electric or hydraulic tools this maximizes production  while minimizing worker fatigue. 

Second, store your tool in a dry place. One of the best things air tools offer is the flexibility and degree of safety in wet environments or places where sparks from electric motors can be dangerous, whether you are drilling, chipping, scraping, or demolishing. At the end of the day, it's best to store your tools in a covered area and not left in the mud.

Regularly oiling your tools will prevent rust and keep the inner workings lubricated. Air compressors can collect moisture from the surrounding air and pass it along to your tools. If you are working in a very humid or wet environment we suggest equipping your compressor with a water separator which will greatly extend your tool life. It is important to lubricate your tool with the correct viscosity of oil regularly either with an in-line lubricator or filling the tool oil reservoir if built in.

** Operators should run a thinned oil mixture through the tool at the end of the season to clean and lubricate the tool for storage.

Lastly, replace parts when needed. Air tools have far less parts than electric tools which offers easier servicing to help your tool last even longer. KATCO offers parts and accessories for your tools. Just review open the schematic link at the bottom of each tool page to shop reference the correct part number. Our team has over 35 years of experience in the pneumatic tool industry and would be more than happy to help you service your tool contact or (330) 677-8884.