Sell To Us

Thank you for contacting us! We source our tools from importers, wholesalers, canceled military orders, and individuals. We would likely be interested to buy from you as well. We specialize in heavy duty construction air tools such as chipping hammers, demolition tools, diggers, paving breakers, rock drills, scrapers, tampers, etc. 

If this is your first time doing business with us, below are a few guidelines to getting started. 

Terms For Selling To Us

  1. Briefly describe your tools with a general picture. 
  2. Tell us how much you want for each item. 
  3. If we agree on a price in writing, you must pack them up well and ship to us for inspection, at your expense. 
  4. We will inspect the item and confirm it is in the condition as advertised. 
  5. If it item is as described, we will send you immediate payment.
  6. If not as described, we will ship the item back to you at no cost.  


    Send us an email with all the information to!

    Subject: Sell To You - "Your Name"

    Hi, Please add information below in your email:

    A brief descriptions of your tools. 

    A photo. 

    How much you want for each item. 

    That's it! A KATCO team member will reach out to on the next steps!